About Us

TIBA Rail & Road is a limited organization located in Tehran that represents and promotes companies and individuals who manufacture or sell products and/or services in the railroad industry.

Our vision is to improve the quality of the railway infrastructure and rolling stocks. This means delivering a railway that is safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever before, and that will help to build a thriving, sustainable economy.

TIBA R&R was created in 2014 as a collection of experienced engineers expertise in rolling stocks and mechanized railway infrastructure.

TIBA R&R provides the Iranian rail market with a step change in track maintenance and rehabilitation with mechanized maintenance solutions. TIBA R&R delivers safe, high output and high quality solutions track construction and maintenance. It provides a new, high speed and highly mechanized approach that achieves valuable time and cost efficiencies.

The association represents companies and individuals who manufacture or sell maintenance-of-way equipment, products, and services, or are engineers, contractors and consultants working in construction and/or maintenance of railroad transportation facilities.

With an access to highly skilled personnel capable of establishment and delivery in short duration interventions, our services can be delivered as a comprehensive asset construction and maintenance solution, to solve a specific problem, or to deliver a small, specialist piece of rail infrastructure.